What is eMic?
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eMic4all servers host millions of eMic-messages from many users all over the world. Of course, utmost attention is paid to security and your privacy:
  • Fully automatic server setup guarantees that there is no human intervention and access to the eMic-messages is only possible through your message link.
  • Abundant random link coding is used to make sure that it is impossible to find the ligitimate messages on the server by repetitive trials. You may have wondered why the link to the messages looks so complicated as this: This link is randomly chosen and built in this way to ensure the maximum privacy.
  • Password protection and 128-bit encryption is possible to be configured for each recording. If you enter a password in your account profile, then by default every eMic-message created by you will be only opened and played back upon typing in of this password. It is also possible to assign a password for each individual eMic-message. So if you feel that your message contains some private or confidential information, just open the message editor and protect it by entering your password. This is all you have to do to make sure only you and your trusted people can listen to it.
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