What is eMic?
What is eMic?
What is eMic? eMic-message FAQ Multimedia address book eMic Functions

eMic is a new way to use the computer, new revolutionary way of communication.

What is eMic? It is a microphone with buttons which is used to make eMic-messages.

What is eMic-message? It is a webpage with recorded by user voice message stored on the eMic4all server.

How does it work? Push the eMic button, say what you want to say, and push the eMic button again, this is all you have to do! The link to the eMic message is then automatically placed into your active window, e-mail or spreadsheet, E-Bay advertisement, database, anywhere in fact. Your recorded and compressed message will be uploaded to the eMic4all server in the background. It all works so incredibly fast and efficiently you won't even notice it.

How much time do we all waste having to type? Have you ever realized that we spend perhaps half of our life behind the keyboard? Save yourself time, stop typing! Put your keyboard away – use eMic every day! Just say what you want to say!

Who is not familiar with the headache of putting emotions into the written word? Add sincerity to your mail - express your feelings with your own voice! Or instantly make and send your own greeting cards! How about embarrassing spelling mistakes? Forget about them if you are using eMic! Unable to type quickly or unable to type at all? What to do? Use eMic and you will always be ahead of time! (Click here to open eMic-message)

Suppose you would like to describe your product at eBay to sell it faster, what is the best thing to gain confidence of the buyer? Of course, with just one touch of the eMic button make a link to the spoken description!!! Such links can be instantly placed in Internet chats, Excel files, databases, anywhere…

Are you still using Dictaphones to record your messages? Is not it easier to use the eMic? Ideal solution for all professionals who care about their time - doctors, lawyers, journalists, secretaries, students, and for you too!!! (Click here to open eMic-message)


  • Easy to operate: after the straightforward Plug-and-Play installation just press and hold the short recording button, speak into the eMic and release the button. This is all you need to do to produce an E-mail with your recording attached or a link to the message uploaded to the website.
  • Generates MP3 compressed files – clear sound and uses very limited storage space (one minute recording produces only about 50KB MP3 file).
  • Superior sound quality. Noise canceling technology filters out background noise. Versatile through adjustable directionality.
  • Comes with the driver eMic Monitor with the following main features:
    • Multimedia address book allows to choose recipient of the E-mail by picture/sound using the EMIC buttons – which makes it possible to generate voice E-mails even for the visually impaired people or very small children
    • Allows to assign a function to each button (Record and send by Email as attachment; Record, upload and generate a link to the recording; MEMO etc)
    • Allows to manage the recordings (edit, rename, delete etc)
    • Voice editor allows to amend or continue the recorded message
  • Also perfect for voice command, voice-to-text and SKYPE applications

System requirements:

PC: Pentium 133 MHz or higher. Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
MAC: PowerMAC G3 or better, MacOS 10.2.6 or later, QuickTime 6.5.1 or later
EMIC-S, EHS, EPH: Free USB 1.1 port

All eMic products are the easiest and fastest way to make and e-mail voice messages and music!

Record and e-mail (or upload to the website) your voice message with the touch of ONE Button!

It is not just microphone with buttons - it is a new communication way, new way to use your computer!