What is eMic?
What is eMic?
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Q: I do not really understand why I need to buy eMic to send spoken messages. I can record my voice by Windows Sound Recorder, can't I?
A: If you need to travel to China, you can also go by bike. No question about that. However we doubt you would do it on regular basis. It is much faster to go by plane. eMic records your message, converts it to the compressed MP3 format, uploads it to the server and places the link to the eMic-message into your current window. And all this within a flash, all by the touch of one button.

Q: Love the idea but I am sort of reluctant to put my spoken messages on a different computer.
A: When you send e-mails, they are also put on the computer of your Internet provider. eMic4all server works in exactly the same way as the server of your Internet provider. Check the privacy precaution we have taken here. Alternatively you can use Save and attach function of eMic to store the recordings only locally.

Q: I understand that I can make instant links to the message uploaded to eMic4all with the help of one eMic button. What is the use of the other button?
A: The other button can be used for MEMO function (fast recording to file) or other applications. By default the second button creates a new E-mail message with the recorded file attached to it.

Q: Normally I record quite long messages and I do not like having to hold the button all the time.
A: Launch the eMic Monitor software by double clicking the in the system tray. On the General tab change the desired eMic button behavior from Hold down to Click. Don’t forget to press the Apply button to commit the changes. Now click the eMic button once to start the recording. Click the same button again when you are done.
Note: eMic-Pro has an additional Hardware Mute function, this makes impossible to change the eMic button behavior for this product. You should always use Click with the black button of the eMic-Pro, and Hold down with the red button.

Hardware Mute function

If you use eMic-Pro with other software, it might be quite convenient to be able to suspend the voice recording for a while (for instance if you don’t want to be heard by your chat partner).

Note: the current recording status of the eMic-Pro is always shown by the red ring indicator. Whenever the microphone is on, the red ring indicator is lighted up.

Note: the microphone hardware mute is on by default (the red ring indicator is off). The microphone can then be activated in two different ways:

a) Hold down the red button
b) Click the black button (note: if you click the black button once again, the microphone will be off again).

Please, pay attention that holding down of the red button will by default launch the "Rec and upload" function of the eMic. In a similar way clicking the black button will by default launch the "Rec and save" function of the eMic. If you do not wish to use eMic-functions with one of the eMic-buttons but still would like to use the hardware mute, please, assign "Undefined" function for this button.

Q: Sometimes I push the eMic button, Recording window does appear on the screen but afterwards nothing happens.
A: The eMic driver tries to prevent recording by touching the button by mistake. If the recording takes less than a certain time, nothing happens. You can change the minimum required recording time in the eMic Monitor software on the Advanced tab.

Q: I find the eMic function quite useful, but I love using Skype as well.
A: eMic can be used with Skype, VoIP or any other sound recording application just like any ordinary microphone.

Q: I have recently bought eMic-S and use it quite often in the everyday communications. But now the system informs me that I run out of space on the server.
A: Consider to delete some of your old messages. Alternatively you can upgrade your Basic subscription to Advanced or Professional.

Q: If I insert a link to the eMic-message into my e-mail message or in the chat window, the Link prefix text is quite useful. However if I would like to put a link to the eMic-message to Excel or Word file, normally I do not need any text before the actual link. Is there any way to choose whether to use the prefix or not by recording?
A: If the prefix text is not required (which e.g. can be useful if you intend to insert the link into Excel file or database) push the Shift key just prior to the moment when you start the recording.